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Shop Equipment

Air Compressors

5 HP Rotary-Screw Air Compressor / Vertical 80 Gallon Tank / 208-230V, 1-Phase
C-AIRE A075V080-1230

5 HP Rotary-Screw Air Compressor / Vertical 80 Gallon Tank / 208-230V, 1-Phase

Create a smarter and quieter environment with this rotary screw air compressor by The Hush Quiet™. It’s is nearly noiseless, making it one of the quietest air compressors on the market. Specially engineered to be virtually soundproof, Hush Quiet gives users an almost silent, yet powerful, air supply at all times.


5 HP Rotary-Screw Air Compressor / Vertical 80 Gallon Tank / 208-230V, 1-Phase

The Chicago PneumaticTM (CP) 7.5 HP air compressor has the durability, proven performance, and strength that is required for everyday use. Aluminum head and coolers with deep fins allow for unmatched heat dissipation. Balanced pistons and crankshaft mean smoother and quieter operation. Oversized main bearings and automotive style replaceable insert bearings for a durable compressor pump.

C-AIRE A075V080-1230

5 HP Two Stage Air Compressor / 80 Gallon Tank / 208-230V, 1-Phase

Perfect for smaller automotive shops, this C-AireTM  compressor is built to last longer, run quieter, cooler, and more efficiently. This model features a high output 3-cylinder cast iron pump with Finned Inter-Stage Tubing for extra cooling and rugged pump construction—quality built because quality lasts.

AC Machines


AC-134A R-134A Recovery / Recycling and Recharging Machine / Automatic / Meets UL 1963 & SAE J2788 / Includes Vacuum Pump

CoolCharge by Ranger makes vehicle A/C recovery and recharging fast and easy-to-use. It evacuates and recovers 95% of old coolant and recharges A/C systems within +/- .5 oz. of the desired charge. Simply program your A/C settings and let the machine do its job. CoolCharge is the only A/C machine your business will ever need to service most vehicles.


Connected R-134a ACS Machine

The Robinair Connected ACS Machine recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests and recharges with improved 98.5% efficiency. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled machine for vehicle service reports. The Android operating system can also export service reports to store or share digitally. Make service and navigation much easier with the most advanced A/C RRR machine from Robinair.

Nitrogen Inflation Machines


130 Nitrogen Inflation Cart

The 130 by Branick is built for flexibility with automotive, light truck, or commercial nitrogen inflation. This fully automatic machine can simply connect to a generator or use the cylinder configuration to deliver pure nitrogen. Features include full programmability, a top-off function, and a pressure range up to 145 psi. The unit can operate on battery power or it can be plugged into a 110v outlet for all-day service that’s simple, fast, and economical.


475 Mobile Nitrogen Inflation System

Stay mobile and deliver speed with the Branick 475 nitrogen inflation system. With a 30-gallon tank it can convert a passenger vehicle without being connected to an air source. Four hoses with clip chucks are standard, though there are six conversion ports capable of handling duallies or spares. With the PRISM Membrane, the system also acts as an air dryer and can produce a more consistent purity over its lifespan. There is also a n auxiliary port on the back so you can fill any size storage tank for extra capacity.

Parts Washers


Professional Spray Wash Cabinet with Skimmer / Deluxe / Dual-Heaters / Low-Water Shutoff

Get a better clean with the Ranger Spray Wash Cabinet. With a 50-gallon capacity this machine rapidly degreases dirty parts. Including larger truck/SUV engine components. An automatic low-water shutoff includes audible and visual alarms and the fast-acting dual water heaters ensure faster, safer cleaning. The simple operating controls, brass nozzles, gasket-free door and a beefier industrial-grade 70 gpm pump demonstrate Ranger’s commitment to enhanced performance and productivity.


Genesis Parts Washer

Get maximum cleaning power and the most energy efficiency with the Better Engineering Parts Washer. Features include the roll-in door, a vertical seal-less pump, automatic water level controls, jam-free turntable drive system, oil skimmer, and a slide-out filter basket.

Car Dollies


Ranger Automotive Carts Low Profile RCD-1TD

Maneuver around the shop with ease on the Ranger RCD-1TD carts. Push nearly any vehicle in all directions, keep your garage organized and efficient, and ensure vehicles move around your garage safely with a dolly that’s perfect for professional and home garage environments. Each dolly can hold up to 1,000 pounds, meaning with four dollies (two pairs), one adult can push a vehicle where they want with incredible ease.


1,500-lb. Capacity GoCart Car Dollies / Jumbo / 13” Tire Width / 39” Tire Diameter

Ideal for larger, wider tires, the RCD-1500EX works perfectly for light-duty trucks and SUVs. Not only are they extraordinarily safe with multiple locks on each dolly, but also the skid-proof construction guarantees custom and specialty tire/wheel configurations won’t be damaged or marred. The nearly silent urethane wheels provide safe usage on an array of different flooring. The coating is waterproof, fade-resistant, and meant to last for years of heavy use.


GoCart Storage Stand / Stores Four Units / Fits RCD-1500 / RCD-1500EX Models

Stow-and-go and stay mobile with the perfect place to keep your GoCart Mobile wheel Jacks. This exclusive storage rack holds a set of four GoCart car dollies and simple pedestal mounting loads and unloads in seconds. Four swivel casters allow you to roll with ease around the work area or out of the way for storage.

Floor Jacks & Jack Stands


2-Ton Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

A lightweight floor jack that delivers heavyweight performance, the Ranger aluminum racing floor jack only weighs 39 lbs. but offers optimum strength, reduced weight, less pumping effort and increased lifting speed. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, this precision-built jack features an extra-low profile for lifting cars with low-ground clearances or side skirts and can lift cars of the ground in seconds with stability and protection.

NORCO 71330

3 Ton Capacity Lightweight Floor Jack

This lightweight floor jack is designed for a variety of automotive shop uses and is ideal for roadside service calls. Features include thick aluminum side plates, heavy duty aluminum wheels, steel lift saddle for greater durability and strength, and safety bypass and overload systems. The two-speed pump piston raises the saddle to the load quickly and the steel lift saddle creates greater durability and strength.


33 / 20 Ton Capacity Air / Hydraulic Telescopic Floor Jack

This Norco Hydraulic floor jack is intended for heavy duty truck, rail, bus, agriculture, and construction equipment applications. Features include a handle locking lever to secure in different positions, overload systems to prevent cylinder damage, rust inhibitive coating, and an integrated filter to protect the air motor. The double acting pump raises ram more quickly to the load and the suspension loaded axle prevents wheel damage. Also, stay safe with the safety button at the top of the handle to immediately stop the jack operation in case of emergency.


6-Ton Jack Stands

Safe and versatile, these heavy-duty jack stands will safely support up to 6 tons when used together. Each Ranger stand is made of welded steel, while ratchet-and-pin safety locks and a wide base structure ensure ultimate stability giving you the ability to work under your vehicle worry-free.

NORCO 81006D

6 Ton Capacity Jack Stands

These jack stands from Norco can support up to 6 tons per stand and are intended for automotive use where you need the vehicle to be lifted before making repairs. A unique spring-loaded pawl provides constant locking pressure against lifting column and the four-legged base provides extra strength and stability.


18,000 lbs. Capacity / Mobile Jack Stand

Used to support raised, heavy-duty vehicles for maintenance and inspection, the BendPak Mobile Jack Stand is capable of holding up to 18,000 lbs. This versatile tripod jack stand maneuvers easily in place to provide the support you need when a vehicle’s center of balance might shift. Designed to withstand heavy use, the MLS-18 is designed to be used in sets of four, six, or eight and must be placed under a level, raised vehicle at the designated support points.

NORCO 81035A

1 ½ Ton Capacity Under Hoist Stand

This Norco Hoist Stand is intended to assist in stabilizing and supporting a vehicle that is raised by an in-ground or above-ground lift and should be used in pairs. A quick adjust spin handle with thrust bearing built to eliminate wear and provide ease of turning under load. The adjustment pin chained to the stand secures the support column at 6 different height positions to fit your needs.

Transmission Jacks


5-Ton Telescoping Transmission Jack

This heavy-duty transmission jack by Ranger has an incredible 3,000 lb. lifting capacity capable of removing and replacing some of the most difficult transmissions out there. Designed to handle specialty jobs where a normal transmission jack just won’t cut it, the Ranger RTJ-3000 makes easy work out of just about any automatic transmission, transaxle or other drive-train component with light trucks, passenger cars, and vans. It’s easy-to-use design, you’ll be able to handle the jobs others wouldn’t dare try.

NORCO 72475A

¾ Ton Capacity Telescopic Under Hoist Air / Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Designed for the removal, installation and transportation (in the lowered position) of transmissions and transfer cases on passenger cars and up to one-ton capacity vans and trucks that are raised by an in-ground or above-ground lift. The air/hydraulic foot pump provides safe lowering of load. The wide base with four easy rolling swivel wheels provides stability and easy maneuvering in its lowered position.

NORCO 72701A

1 Ton Capacity Under Hoist Air / Hydraulic Truck Transmission Jack

This Norco Hydraulic Truck Transmission Jack has an air/hydraulic foot pump providing hands free operation and easy convenient lifting. Other features include metered pump valve, fully adjustable saddle with adjustable arms to position the transmission, safety overload system, and a wide base with four heavy duty swivel ball bearing caster wheels providing stability and easy maneuvering.

Engine Stands & Cranes


1-Ton Folding Engine Stand

With a 2,000-lb. capacity and a compact design, the Ranger RES-1TF is a heavy-duty space saver. Featuring a sturdy, wide-base design and a slotted adjustable saddle for easy and quick installation. It’s functional, sturdy, convenient, and stores easily. This is the one piece of equipment that won’t get in your way.

NORCO 78108

1250-lb. Capacity Engine Stand

Featuring a fully adjustable engine mounting head, a long and handle and 360-degree rotating head easily position engine, and a stand that disassembles for transportation and storage. The 2 rigid wheels in back and 2 locking swivel caster wheels in front provide maximum stability and support. The perfect engine stand for safe handling and positioning of most automotive engines, with heavier construction to handle the largest V8s.


2-Ton Folding Shop Crane

This heavy-duty hydraulic folding engine hoist is perfect for shops that have limited space but still need the pure lifting convenience of a crane. Quick-release ring pins make setup and teardown a snap and Heavy steel construction ensures maximum durability. With a 1’ to 93’ lifting range, a 4-hole position boom, rugged hydraulic ram, 6-whell design for added mobility and foldable body, this shop crane can be used to hoist engines whether your vehicle is on the ground or raised on a tall car lift.

NORCO 78106A

2,500 lb. Capacity Folding Engine Crane

This Crane by Norco is designed to raise, lower, and transport automobile engines, transmissions, differentials and other heavy loads with minimal effort. Designed with four position telescopic boom with 3/8” proof chain and hook, low profile, and 3-ton capacity hydraulic power unit providing faster raising action and a large diameter ram to withstand angle loads. The foldability saves shop space and easy transport or storage within seconds.

Battery Chargers & Maintainers


20 / 25 AMP Output Bench Charger & Power Supply

This battery charger by Associated charges all types of 12-volt batteries. Electrical Stability System (ESS) technology turns 6007A into a stable power supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes. Designed for AGM, gel, sealed, and standard flooded batteries including Spiral cell, Orbital or Optima batteries.


6/12/24 Volt Fleet Charger

Rated up to 80 Amp continuous charge with 400 Amp crank assist at 12 volts. Features heavy duty vaccuum impregnated transformer, patented “sub-sil” multi-diode rectifiers, chrome plated handle, fan cooling mechanism, and a CSA listed with “safe in any weather” operation.


Wheel Charger / Analyzer 6/12 V 40/40/10 Amps with 200A Boost

Perfect for the small shop and the do-it-yourself user, this battery charger and starter from Associated Equipment features a timer charge, 6-1/2 AWG lead and an automatic functionality. Enjoy more power with 200A cranking amps and a 120vac voltage rating.

Hose Reels


Air Hose Reel with Hose / 50 Feet / 300 PSI

The industrial-grade Ranger RH-50PL is a premium hose reel that features reinforced dual support arms. The compact, space-saving design and heavy-duty construction make them rugged and virtually indestructible. Offering everything you look for in a reel, it unrolls the included 300 psi, 50-foot hose when you need it and conveniently rewinds it without hassle.


3/8 in. x 35 ft. Premium Duty Hose Reel

Series 5000 reels from ReelCraft are not only durable but compact enough for projects with minimal space. A full flow shaft and swivel assures maximum product delivery.


Spring return hose reel /, 3/8 in Hose diameter / 50 ft. Length / 4,000 psi

This 50-foot-long hose can handle from Reelcraft can handle a maximum of 4800 psi and 150 degrees F and it comes in a powder coated finish. Options for a floor, wall, ceiling, bench and truck mounting ensures simple application.